Our Story

We offer handmade jewellery with a unique, modern & minimalistic design. With a mission to create silver jewelry inspired by Norse Mythology the brand was founded in 2017. The God of Thunder Thor’s hammer “Mjolner” became the first symbol used in our pieces. In 2020 our brand changed as the Goddess Freya marched in with the second collection “Tear of Freya”, & love became equally symbolic to “strength”. We ethically & sustainably craft our jewellery here in Sweden, with an aim to continuous develop in a slow fashion manner. Each piece we launch we hope will be there in 50 years also. We hope you find our Nordic design pieces both beautiful – completing your look, but also inspirational in their story – completing you spiritually.

At Freya & Thor of Sweden you will find a wide variety of unique & minimalistic men’s & women’s bracelets, necklaces, earrings – suited for every occasion – combine & perfect your own style. All jewellery is handmade in our foundry and studio here in Sweden, with a focus on our 100% up-cycled sterling silver. With one of our Norse Mythology inspired jewelry pieces you add a detail that becomes the perfect component when you want to create that perfect look. For the classic Hammer of Thor bracelet you can choose a single, double or triple lap of either paracord or leather – with an aim for it to be designed to match your outfit.

Last but not least, in Freya & Thor we have ethics and sustainability practices as our core DNA. We do not only use up-cycled materials, constantly work to keep carbon emissions as low as possible, have full traceability for each product we make - we also plant trees in the most important region of the world. We work in collaboration with the organisation "One Tree Planted" and focus on planting our trees in the Andes. Why the Andes, because planting Polylepis and other native tree species in the Andean highlands can help reverse the dangerous cycle of not having clouds holding moist. Planting trees here will help safeguard South America's water supply, while protecting the Amazon's irreplaceable biodiversity. When you are a customer in Freya & Thor of Sweden you are part of safeguaring the Amazon region, which means you are part of safeguarding the whole planet earth - love, devotion and positive strive - like Godess Freya - like God Thor.

(Read more about the reforestation project through One Tree Planted here: https://onetreeplanted.org/blogs/stories/reforestation-andes)