1. Please click on the item you wish to purchase
  2. Select size (measure properly using tape and ruler)
  3. Enter quantity
  4. Add it to your shopping cart “ADD TO CART”
  5. Open your shopping cart by clicking “VIEW CART”.
  6. Proceed to the “CHECK OUT” page
  7. Fill in your personal information
  8. Choose the shipping method
  9. Pay with card or Paypal
  10. Check for a confirmation to make sure the transaction is properly processed.

There are different sizes to choose from. It is important that you measure and choose the correct size. For bracelets you need: One roll of normal transparent tape. One ruler.

Measure the wrist you want to wear the bracelet at (left and right wrist size can differ slightly).
1. Pull out tape and put around your wrist
2. Put your little finger in between tape and wrist
3. Measure the length of the tape with your ruler

If your wrist is just between two sizes, we suggest you go for the larger size.

Should you have a valid discount code, you add it when in “CHECK OUT”.  Enter it into the field named “DISCOUNT CODE” and activate it by clicking “USE DISCOUNT CODE”.

When you have placed an order and finished the payment process, you should receive a confirmation e-mail within a couple of minutes. It is important to make sure that the e-mail you entered is correct. Do not place a new order before going through these two steps below:1. Please check in your email spam box. If you cannot find the e-mail there you can move on to step two.2. Contact Thor of Sweden customer support. Send an email with your name to – that the support team can check if the order has been registered in the system. You can also use the Contact form to contact the support team.

Once you have received the completion e-mail we are unable to make any changes. If you notice anything wrong with your order please contact


Gentle cleaningPlease make sure to regularly clean your jewelry to remove oil, dust or contamination. Use simple, non-abrasive materials and specialist products. Be careful not to scrub or to over-handle your jewelry. Silver-dip type cleaners should only be used to clean silver jewelry, which must be rinsed and dried thoroughly afterwards. Gold and plated jewelry can be cleaned using specialist jewelry cleaners, as appropriate. Black rhodium should only be cleaned by using very fair fluid, and be extra careful not using metal on the black rhodium.WearingWe recommend that you put your jewelry on after applying makeup and getting dressed in the morning and then to take it off at night before going to bed. Physically demanding activities may cause unnecessary wear to a piece of jewelry – so we recommend that you always make sure to take off your jewelry before house and garden work, cooking, swimming, bathing and sports activities.Store separatelyThink about how you store your pieces, plated pieces should not go together with other harder pieces since they will easily get scratched. Your jewelry should be stored away from direct sunlight, damp, and extremes of either heat or cold. Specially designed jewelry boxes, like the Thor of Sweden boxes, with soft-lined, purpose built compartments are preferred for storage. Otherwise try to keep the jewelry in the original boxes and packaging, as it is the easiest way to protect it from dust and damage. Remember to take extra care with the black rhodium, which is softer and easily susceptible to scratches and other damage.Keep away from contaminationKeep your accessories away from water and chemical agents to avoid discoloration and tarnishing. Many soaps, cosmetics, perfumes, and cooking grease can dull and/or damage any jewelry and should be avoided. Long term exposure to natural skin oils can also dull pieces, which is why we recommend removing jewelry overnight. If your jewelry do come into contact with any chemicals, use a dry soft tissue or towel to gently pat them dry.Your Freya & Thor of Sweden jewelry can be updated & replatedSome of our pieces can be updated by giving new plating. Dirt, marks, blemishes or scratches acquired through age or everyday wear can easily be removed to return a treasured piece to its former glory.Please contact us at to know if your Thor of Sweden piece can be updated, and what the quote is. The normal average cost is €30 plus shipping and customs charges (if applicable).

Like any & all jewelry we recommend that you avoid water, and especially salt water since this wears out the bracelets, necklaces & earrings. But if you forget to remove the jewelry when having a shower, that is not the end of the world.

Regarding scratches. As all jewelery you have to use the pieces carefully. We use precious metals as silver, gold, & rose gold which are rather soft metals.

A special remark goes for the oxidised silver and gold plated silver, which is more sensitive. The plated or oxidised silver the perfect look from start. It is important that you stay away from using these pieces together with other hard metals or things that could scratch or knock the piece. When getting marks & general wearing, the plating &/or oxidisation will gradually wear off, and/or increase in some parts (in regards to oxidisation). We know that many customers like the “rawness” and “patina” in the wearing, and that especially the oxid silver pieces changes over time, but it is important for all customers to be aware of this.

For the moment Freya & Thor of Sweden mainly sells our necklaces, earrings & bracelets online. In our retailer section you can check if there is a shop closer to you.


ShippingWe believe in making as little damage as possible to our environment, therefore we prefer to ship using ground freight instead of air freigh. When it comes to us having to use air freight due to distance we Co2-compensate via the shipping company. We offer tracked shipping (recommended), free shipping, and express shipping. With tracked shipment, please allow 4-8 business days of shipping depending on where you live.ReturnsWe offer a very generous 90 day return policy. This is much due to the fact that many buy jewelry as a gift well in advance, and might need time for the receiver to receive and decide to keep or change. Send it back to us within 90 days (non-used, with the white tag not removed, in the box). A refund is to be expected within the next business day after we have received the package. To exchange, please use our contact form or send an email to: for instructions. Please notice that the cost of shipping the jewellery piece back to us is yours (including customs charges (if applicable)). Always state your order number.

We always strive to ship out all orders as soon as possible. First you get a order confirmation e-mail and then you will get a completion email once it is shipped. The delivery time depends on our shipping company PostNord. Our shipping takes in average about 4-8 business days from the day of the completion day. The number of days depend on the distance to your country, sometimes the shipping will take more than 8 business days if your country is far away. We ship the bracelets from Stockholm, Sweden.

The package is delivered to the shipping address entered when purchasing the bracelet. The package is small and fits into your mail box.

Please make sure to state your e-mail address and mobile number correctly so that you can be contacted when the shipment arrives.

We ship worldwide.

Are your from other parts of the world than Europa? Please choose the tracked shipping as a shipping method.

Are you from the Middle East or Africa? We can experience difficulty to ship to parts of the Middle East and Africa since addresses many times can be unclear or unspecific. We cannot stress enough the importance of stating your address in a very clear and accurate way.

You can either pay by credit card, debit card or PayPal (and in some countries also Klarna). We accept all major cards like VISA, MasterCard and American Express.

If your country is part of the European Union there should be no additional fees and taxes. Non-EU countries could have their own laws and regulations. Please contact the customs in your country for information about additional fees and taxes.

We offer a 90 day exchange period. Please use the contact form or send an email to: and we will assist you with the exchange.

Please note that the the return shipment is on your expense, as any applicable customs charges. We always highlight that it is important to measure correctly from start to avoid returns of any kind.

Please clearly state your order number when being in contact with our support – thank you.